Our great Cholan MHSS received Ranked No.1 in Kanchipuram, No. 3 in Tamil Nadu & No. 4 in India awarded by Education Today

About school

Welcome to Cholan Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Cholan Matriculation Higher Secondary School was established on 6th June 1996 with the aim to educate the student community especially the people under poverty line. This great institution is governed by the Cholan Educational and Charitable Trust under the able chairmanship of Dr. T. Sanjeevee Jayram, Leading Educationist. The motto of our school is discipline, courage and Excellence. The school nurtures 2, 700 student and moulds every individual as a harmonious personality great in heart, Mind and action.

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Our Aim

The Aim of cholan is to prepare students academically, physically and mentally for moving into various walks of life as leaders of society. Exemplary character, Team spririt, dedication to the cause, a secular outlook and a desire to srev society with zeal and efficiency are the qualities to be imparted by the school. We aim at good citizenship among our students in due course we concentrate at the following growth of the students.

Physical Intellectual Moral Spritual

Our objectives

The philosophy of the management is not merely teach and to make the students fit for taking the public examinations successfully but also shape them into well-refined individuals with skill of comprehension to develop the talents and abilities of the students entrusted to the schools, Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are provided to build their total personality, spirit and leadership qualities to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Achievements

1. The most happiest moment was that our school was complemented by the inspector of matriculation schools for the cent percent result of our X students.

2. The most important achievement was that our school has been selected as the best School in high school level of kancheepuram district which was done by the media survey

3. Every year we produce the 100% result with great achievement.

4. our students prove their quality and strengthern overall our state and various.

Our Dream

our dream is to take the institution on model lines and to make the children get a distinctive stamp of having passed through the portals of our schools.

We therefore feel more and more confident that our dream can be materialized and if it does fully that will be an everlasting contribution to the society.

To prepare our students, the best citizenship in the world and to mould student's character and increasing their personality in the society.

To Create a mission of inculcating human values in the youngster's mind.

We wish to assure the public that we are here to serve the society to the best of our ability subjects to the ideal norms adhered to by educational institutions We get the facility and Opportunity to expand, We will certainly do so We hope the public will Co operate with us and help us to make cholan the pride of kancheepuram.

Our Academics

Our Curriculam

Based on the rules of the Tamilnadu state matriculation syllabus, Suitable and necessary innovations in syllabus will be made till IX std level as allowed by the government of Tamilnadu. In addition, we combine CBSE Books along the Govt. Books and Frame the seperate syllabus. It will create our students bright future.

Methods to adopt

We follow play-way method of teaching and creative methods and heuristic methods, etc., which yield good results. The nature of training, the techniques of Teaching, the Psychology and Motivation applied are all of high calibre. So the children develop an outlook loftier than the average and an academic spectrum broader than the normal. we also conducted montessouri classes for our children by Mrs. Ashai of Banglore, Montessori Training Centre Avadi excellently. Parents who had attended the above programme have appreciated it and asked to re-arrange for such programmes often.

Term to Duration

The school reopens on the 1st week of june and ends in the third week of April.

Album,Charts,Projects (or) Record works are the works given to the students in the term holidays.

All Saturdays expecting the second Saturday of each month will be working days from L.K.G to X Std. During examinations, Second Saturday is also utilised as a working day.

Between June and April, results are announced in the last week of April every year, The number of students will be restricted to ensure a favorable pupil ratio classes which will commence during the first week of june every year.

Examination to Programmes

For Kinder garten, Detailed progress sheets pertaining every detail about the child's development in various spheres would be presented every 2 months(without marks) for all classes, Apart from the monthly tests, Quarterly and half-yearly examination are conducted during the month of september and December for all children. The Annual Examinations normally takes place during the second week of April and School ends its academic year around the Third week of April Publishing the results on 30th April students are strictly instructed that they should pay the tuition fees within the last date prescribed or else it will loads to cancellation of their appearance in the examinations.

Special Coaching for Slow Learners

Special coaching classes are being conducted in the evenings after Quarterly Examination for slow learners. On the latest assessment we are happy to note that students who attended coaching classes have shown improvement.

Co curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities

Our Students are not only proficient in co.-curricular activities but also blessed with sakthi which won several laurels Academic skll competitions were held in various disciplines of Our School.

Drawing competitions held from K.Gs to Standards.

Our school also conducts annually an Oratorical contest in English & Tamil from K.Gs to Standards conducted by our schools English & Tamil literary association.

Our School also inaugurated Maths club, conducted science exhibition which etch out in the minds of students the importance of science & Technology. The demanstrators vying with each other to explain the matter relating to the exhibits actually over whelemed the viewers with enthusiasm. The science exhibition was the talk of the town for more than a fortnight. The programmes are based on the creative of new inventions and is different from other exhibitions.


Academic Achievements

  • Measurement of IQ to all our students to identity of students further development.

  • Science Research Center in the campus to cultivate the Research Skills in young minds.

  • ATAL Tinkering Lab – Central Government Funded in the campus to promote Innovative Skill and Entrepreneurship to secure the future life of our students.

  • Effective Club Activities and Various Committees to ensure the quality of Curricular and Co-curricular of students.

  • MUN Conference: Organized National and International MUN Conference.

  • Outreach Program – provide the opportunity of our students to visit and to attend the class in high quality institute in India like IISER and Rocket Launching Centre.

  • EDUSAT program facilities to participate the program organized by IISER, Pune.

  • IIRS/ISRO approved Nodal Center to gain the Space and Recent Trends Knowledge in Science and Technology.

  • Merits and Recognition

  • 1, Awarded District Level Handwriting Competition and won 1st place with cash prize of Rs.50000/- and 3rd place with cash prize of Rs.10000/- and out of 100 meritorious students our school got 42 places.

  • 2, Every year produced 100% results with State and District Ranks in public exams.

  • 3, It is our great to prepare and transforms ordinary students into achievers.

  • 4, Every year continuously striving for success and won the various prestigious awards

  • Thirupavai Oratorical Competition, Drawing competition, Sports competition, Marathon organized by Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

  • Squash won by National level and Karate, Yoga, Dance, Drawing won by Regional, District and State level conducted by various organizations.

  • Our school is forwarding to great achievement to conduct world record events very soon.

  • Historical Achievements

    Taking into considerations the school proved excellent quality of education and has been awarded 9 National and 5 International Awards for last year.

  • 1, A proud moment our school delighted for being recognized for the year 2019 & 2021 for our unwavering commitment to quality education and it was ranked No:1 School in Kancheepuram,
    No:5 in the State of Tamil Nadu
    No:7 in India. Ranked by EDUCATION WORLD our school occupied its name top 10 schools in India.

  • 2, Best School in Tamil Nadu for Teaching Excellence Award by CEGR: Cholan continuously proved excellent quality of education and only one school in the state of Tamil Nadu to receive this prestigious award.

  • 3, Excellent Value based Education in Tamil Nadu Award by CMAI: Cholan expanding the learning outside the curriculum and provide the quality and value based education and received the award only one state school out of 10 International School. It has proved Cholan is beyond the International Schools.

  • 4, Outstanding School for Holistic Education by IESA: Cholan proved their quality and their excellence not only in India and also it is beyond the International Schools collecting very low fees and provide the horizons scale of new heights of quality.

  • 5, Our school got Best School Award by Vishwaseva Tele Media combined with Tamilan Television.

  • 2020 Achievements

    Institutional Awards

  • 1. Educational Excellence Award 2020, Tamil Nadu – NSA

  • 2. Manav Seva Award – Friendship Forum

  • 3. Innovation in Education – Global School Award 2020

  • 4. Excellent School for Excellence in Secondary Results 2020 – CMAI

  • Our Respectable Correspondent Innovative Individual Awards

  • 1. Teaching Excellence Award - GTEA 2020

  • 2. Bharat Ka Gaurav Award - Global Forum 2020

  • 3. Indian Icon of the Year Award - Friendship Forum 2020

  • 4. Jewel of Asia Award - Friendship Forum 2020

  • 5. Raji Gandhi Unity Award - Friendship Forum 2020

  • 6. India's Most Admirable Educational Award 2020 - Friendship Forum 2020

  • 2021 Achievements

  • 1. Most Socially Active School - 2021 - NSA

  • 2. Outstanding Teaching Learning Innovation 2021 – World Education Leaders

  • 3. Award for Contribution to Education Community - ISA 2021

  • 4. A proud moment our school delighted for being recognized for the year 2021 for our unwavering commitment to quality education and it was ranked No:1 School in Kancheepuram, No:5 in the State of Tamil Nadu, No:8 in India. Ranked by EDUCATION WORLD our school occupied its name top 20 State board schools in India.

  • 5. Only one our Cholan MHSS School in kanchipuram to included in Education World Ranking.

  • 2022 Achievements

  • 1. Outstanding chairman for contribution in the field of education 2022 by World Leaders & Achievers Conclave.

  • 2. Innovative School of the Year - Cholan Matriculation Higher Secondary School 2022 by Indian Glory Awards.

  • 2023 Achievements

  • 1. No:1 School in Kancheepuram, No:5 in the State of Tamil Nadu, No:8 in India. Ranked by Education Today Survey 2023.

  • 2. Best School with Experiential Learning 2023 awarded by National School Awards (NSA).

  • 3. School Excellence Award by Brainfeed (ET Tech).

  • Our Admission

    Based on the rules of the Tamilnadu State Matriculation Syllabus, Suitable and necessary innovations in syllabuswill be made till IX STD level as allowed by the Government of Tamilnadu.

    Our Aim

    • Physical
    • Intellectual
    • Moral
    • Spritual
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